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Dashboard reuse of search amongst panels



Often in a dashboard many of the panels are showing different views of the same data.  Is there some way to define the for DQL search for the dashboard and then maybe add different summarizing or sorting criteria for other panels.  

This would mean that if I need to change the main search I only have to do so in one place.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great topic in terms of DQL and dashboarding. Dashboarding can be used in a specific/granular segment if so desired. But the trade off is the lack of universal filtering. For example, If you are filtering on Hosts where the tag = EasyTravel for an app, it will render your tile invalid if you select a Management Zone that does not include entities that have the defined tile filters, it will not render. 

Its a tricky dance based off the overall goal of the dashboard, do you make it super specific, or generic to allow the overall use across teams and such. 


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