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Default dashboard timeframe issue

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello, before last update we were able to save custom period of time on dashboard, what was really handy during analysis. For example after LoadTests, I've set management zone and timeframe on dasboard during edit, and there it was stored. It is really nice that we can configure timeframe on Dashboard edit in dedicated place, but I lost functionality of storing custom period of time in the past.... is it possible to bring it back?



Regards, Sebastian


Hi, did you check the new tab we introduced. There you can find the settings again.

You can also use our enhanced syntax to customize your timeframe.

This tab is problem, you can set timeframe from predefined pickers, you cannot define for example yesterday between 2:34 - 4:14

Regards, Sebastian

Sure, you can use a certain syntax to achieve this. Type 2019-10-23 02:34 to 2019-10-23 4:14 in the input field. There is also a help (click on the ?) for more information.

I was trying to click there but wasn't able to edit it. Thx

Regards, Sebastian

Hi, Do you mean you are unable to enter the "edit mode" and write/edit timeframe expression via the keyboard?

Clicking into date field wasn’t working because of some issue. Now it is working, maybe browser issue.

Regards, Sebastian