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When Adaptive Load Reduction is activated, does the throughput graph gets affected as well?

When ALR is activated, I understand the number PurePath captured will be reduced.

How about metrics? (especailly Throughput. CPU & REsponse TIme & Failure Rate I didn't really interested that much.) Will be make the throughput in the chart lower than it actually is?


I am running a load test now with 10k concurrency, it happens that right now ALR is activated and I see that the throughput at the service there is only 3k. So, want to know if it is only some load testing scripting issue causing this? or also ALR is playing a part in here as well.


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Wai Keat



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Not service metrics such as throughput is not affected by load reduction. We have several environments where the load reduction is applied and also the default limit of 1000 PurePath/process is set and the throughput is much higher.

For example a service (provided by 4 processes), total service throughput is at the moment 38k requests / minute.

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