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Display custom metrics as Table view



I try to display, in my dashboard, some custom business metrics (from a spring application with micrometer) as a table view.

For exemple, Dynatrace receives a metric with 3 tags

I want a table with 1 column by tag and the column 4 is the metric
and the line is updated each time receives the same 3 tag values. (I dont't know if I'm clear....)

For business information, the table view is better than graph for my case.

But I have found no way to do that, please help me !


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Sylvie P. have to tried the new metrics explorer as it also has a new table view that you might find very useful.



As @Chad T. already mentioned, the metric explorer supports a table view and you can split your results by the dimensions/tags / filter for and pin it to a dashboard


Perfect, thanks a lot

I success to build the table but, I want to have a specific order on the column but, it's not the case

I have splited by : aorder, zotidate, cstart, dend, abtype (same order )

No filter

And in my table I have this column order : zotidate , cstart, dend, abtype,aorder, MyMetric

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi @Sylvie P.

The dimensions hierarchy decides the order. For each metric there are like primary dimension, secondary dimension etc.
So even in the splitBy those are specified in a certain order, the order returned always depend on that hierarchy

This is however something that we will be addressing so that the defined order of the splitBy is respected in the visualizations.

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