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Dynamically populate dashboard by a given host name


Hi, In our monitoring setup we have multiple servers doing similar tasks, Instead of having 50 dashboards that do the same thing, i would like to have one Template dashboard that could be fleshed out on demand, ideally by following a URL that could be added to an overview page.

Does anyone do this already, or have some suggestions on how it could be achieved?

I've looked at the dashboard API and the PUT dashboard option. This would require me to send the request to overwrite the template dash, and then get the URL to be followed to reach the dash.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

yes you can do this quite easily. Two options: 


1- Create Management Zones for specific Host(s)


2- Set Filters on the Dashboard where the user can then select a filter tag and dynamically reconfigure the associated tiles. You would be using this in conjunction with automatic tags.