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Dynatrace Dashboard report


Good day to all Dynatracer, 

Hope you guys are doing well.

I'm currently trying to work on producing like a Daily health check report which will show all the health stats for all the system/platform and can send email of Dashboard report to all the team member to see and also forwarded to external recipients who don't have access to Dynatrace. 

I've went through the documentation, i can only see that the email report can only be configure for weekly and monthly.  Is there anyway that i can configure it to send it daily ?. 

Look forward to all of your response. 

Thanks for helping out. 









DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


No, you cannot. If you want other scheduled time, you need to create your own way or using third party tools to extract data and send information.

Dynatrace does not allow a daily report.

Best regards

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Hey @AntonPineiro ,

Thanks for replying back to my issue.  I appreciate it. 
I have no idea on what third party tool that i can use to address this issue. 
Any ideas, or maybe guide me on what tools that can be use to achieve this ?. 

Thanks again for helping out. 


Afrezal Karim



If you are using Grail, you can have a notebooks.

If not, you need to pull Dynatrace information to PowerBi, Tableau, Pentaho... Some tool with reporting capabilities.

Best regards

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