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Dynatrace Notebook

I appreciate the information your review can provide, and I have a few questions

I use something basic which is

fetch dt.entity.service_instance
| fieldsAdd entity.type, 


1. The system has recorded data, but the results are limited to 1000. How can I limit the number of rows shown?
2. Is it possible to view any errors that the same service may have, such as a 500 or 400 error?
3. Can I view any exceptions for the same service by using {Request:Name} and {Exception:Class}?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Yuval,

1. To limit/increase the limit of row returned you can modify your query like:

fetch dt.entity.service_instance
| fieldsAdd entity.type, 
| limit 10000

2. Currently service metrics aren't on Grail it seems, however when they are you could first query the service like above, and then query other buckets using the lookup command and the service ID.
And then below are what metrics should be available on Grail at the moment.
Built-in metrics on Grail | Dynatrace Docs

3. Spans/Traces on Grail aren't here yet so not sure if that would be possible.

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