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Easy Travel Demo App - Need to remove default app tagged to Dashboard


Hi Team,

I am working on a demo to show user session and the performance analysis. I was able to do this yesterday with an option "show demo app" in Dyna SaaS. But, I am not getting the option now. I could see a default app in the list of applications. I am unable to see any sample live user sessions to continue my demo (It was possible yesterday with "show demo app" option). Is there any way to remove default app? I have uninstalled both agent and easy travel app. Still the default app is only coming. Please help with your suggestions. Thanks in advance.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You cannot. If you have default app It means that there was done traffic detected properly so demo data are not needed. You should drill down topic of why easy travel user sessions are not present. In general of load generator does not work properly for you you should see sessions created manually while clicking through easytravel.


Regards, Sebastian

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