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Functionality loss: Relative links not working in new dashboards


Hello, I would like to report that the old markup code no longer works in the new Dynatrace dashboards. 

Here is an example of markup code that worked in dashboards classic and no longer works in the new dashboards, even after adjusting the links. This was very useful for transferring dashboards between different environments.

I know the links themselves are different, but this does not work even after adjusting the links. Is this something that will be added or has it been removed intentionally?




[Data explorer](ui/data-explorer) - viewing of metrics

[Multi-dimensional analysis](ui/diagnostictools) - viewing of requests and metrics defined from metrics or infrastructure monitoring

[Metrics overview](/ui/metrics)

[Metrics definition](#settings/serviceMetrics)

[Request attributes](#settings/requestattributes)

Key requests (access from [services](ui/services))

Request naming (access from [services](ui/services))





Here is the minimal reproducible code for new dashboards:



{"version":10,"variables":[],"tiles":{"0":{"type":"annotation","title":"","content":"[This link leads to somewhere unknown, should lead to services](#ui/apps/"}},"layouts":{"0":{"x":0,"y":0,"w":8,"h":6}}}





Best regards,
Jan Kucera

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @kucera ,

Here you can check out a dedicated Feedback channel for the dashboards, where you can let our Product Manager know directly what you would like to see in the newest dashboards app:
Explorative Analytics roadmap update CQ2/2023 

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

hey, thanks for raising. 

Yes, the markdown component we use internally doesn't yet support this but we propagated this up and once i get a landing zone i will let you know and update here!

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