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How can we create business flow using dynatrace one agent?



Can someone help me understand if there is a way to create business flow in dynatrace oneagent.


Example: ABC application->Login->Create Project->Modify Project->Delete Project->Logout


Can we show the above complete flow using dynatrace one agent?


Please suggest.






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

What output/visualization do you need? Dashboard with a funnel how many users/sessions have reached a step in your flow?

User activities are monitored based on user actions that are defined on the application level. Thus you might need to tune the user action naming rules first and (probably - if it fits your case) the conversion goals.

You can then use the USQL and/or conversion goals to display how many users have reached a particular step in your business flow.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you want draw such business flow, you will need first what Julius suggested. Then you should export user sessions to elasticsearch (via integration available natively in DT). Then you will be able to ask ELK for data and based on it draw such flow using custom library for charting such things. For example this one:


Regards, Sebastian

Hello @Sebastian K.

Could you please tell me how you defined and set the sequence of actions in the workflow in ELK?

What parameters did you determine that after the start page the user goes to the profile page or the product card page? Did you use "startTime" and "endTime" parameters?

I may soon have similar tasks, I would like to understand how to build such business flows.

I look at the example of the uploaded data in the json (usersession_sampledata) and I do not see, for example, the referrer parameter by which it would be possible to determine the business flow. In appmon in this respect was more statistics for each action.

I'm afraid I can't because it's part of our company solution that will be on sell during next few months 😞 Here us post related to appmon which is focued on the same topic. Maybe it will be helpful for you:


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you.

In AppMon we can see and use HTTP Referer parameter which can help for create properly flow. But for unknown reasons dynatrace does not display this parameter in the exported data.

therefore, I wondered exactly how you understand what action goes next.

Each session has actions in proper order. This is what can be used after some extra effort.


Regards, Sebastian

OK thanks.

But it is still not clear why they did not capture and transfer the Referer parameter.

yes, for the flow I can use a sequence of actions. but for example, if I want to evaluate from which promotions users come to my site, then in this case I will not be able to appreciate it.

I think will be good RFE for capture Referer parameter.

As I know what we see here should be extended soon but I don't know how it will looks like for referer field.


Regards, Sebastian

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