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How to add a Worldmap with information about a Mobile App?


Good day,

I have a question about the Worldmap. I want to create my own Dashboard with a World Map of a Mobile Application. When I add the Worlmap into the new Dashboard from the template, I can configure an application for it. But I can not choose my Mobile App but other linked Web Applications.

Does someone know how to add a Worldmap with information about a Mobile App (Mobile App Monitoring App)?

Have a good one 🙂



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So the world map is only usable for the APDEX of Web Applications and not the Mobile Applications. I would recommend Tossing in a RFE for this.

For the time being you can leverage the following options:

1.) In Red - Set the mobile tile - but it wont show you the Map as you desire.

2.) In Purple - I set one world map to a Web App, then cloned it. Went into the Json of the clone and changed the Application ID to point to the Mobile App - This did not work as you do not see any data now in the clone.

3.) In Green - User a Mark down tile and create a link that points you to the world map of the application


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