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Is there a way to display Infrastructure Host Resources on a dashboard?


Before I post an enhancement request I want to make sure I haven't missed an available way to do this. I want to create a single host dashboard with all the metrics I would want to see when sizing a replacement, or troubleshooting performance. Then when I need to do this for another host, I just grab the host ID, go to my dashboard JSon, search and replace the host ID and BAM, all the data I need to see for this host and can review with the server owner. Works great, except I'd also like include a bit of overview data from host information tab. A single number tile with the allocated RAM, a tile with the number of cores, CPUS, CPU model if available. Basically in the infrastructure tiles, a resource tile that lists the host properties, and can either provide a summary tile, or let select the properties to list in individual tiles.

End goal - show here's what you have, here's what your using and from that we have the visual data to either reveal where they are constrained or determine what their replacement server should look like resource wise.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have checked and it seems none of server properties can be graphed or in another way visualized in a Dashboard. There have been several requests involving the allocated RAM, because of licensing implications, but to my knowledge it's not yet available. Seems a good candidate an RFE...

Antonio Sousa

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I would add a markdown tile with a link to the host so you can easily drill down from the dashboard after the ID change.

Also, I would consider writing some Python to generate a dashboard with all the tiles you want per host if you host count is reasonable. You could generate one db per host or one row per host with the tiles of interest. I have some python to do this sort of thing that I have not yet published on Github, but I could share what I have currently if you are interested.

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