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How to create a metric on Application side and define a dimension with String property?


Hi, I am able to create a metric for Server-side requests and apply the dimension with a Requests attribute 'AccountID' so that I can do the search for an account id 1234 requests from the custom chart itself.

I am trying to implement the same from the Applications/User action standpoint. I am able to capture the Requests Attribute AccountID as a String property but not able to create the metric in the same way that I did for Server-side requests.

What I am trying to achieve is, by defining a dimension with String Property 'AccountID' on User actions [which is same as request attribute on Server side], plot the metric in a custom chart, and I should be able to apply a filter on String Property 'AccountID' = 1234 on the Chart filter.

Thanks in advance for your help.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Since you have defined the string at the application level, you should be able to grab it and chart it from the User sessions and you can further customize it via the USQL


thanks @Chad T. so can't we do the other way? plot it on custom chart and do the filter on chart for an account id.

I dont see anything in the custom chart that defines any thing as a custom string property, so most likely not.


ok. thank you!

@Chad T. Also, in USQL can we convert the p95 or AVG val to seconds? if so, that would be helpful.

I dont believe so, That may be coming out as a future enhancement. AS of now I am unable to find that in the USQL as an option.


yeah. looks like the aggregator is not being supported yet

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