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How to filter a Request attribute values from a Dashboard or a Custom chart?

Hi Experts,

I have this challenge in one agent. Created a request attribute 'AccountID' on Transactions and Services layer and able to filter the values of 'AccountID' e.g. 1234 and find the requests related to that Account. [screenshot#1]

I am trying to achieve the same with the custom chart. With a custom chart, I can only filter by the Request Attribute AccountID but not it's value. [screenshot#2]

Why I am trying to achieve this is, if a customer complaints a slowness issue then I can filter with customer account id on the dashboard/custom chart to find the Key requests that have been called by that account. Appreciate your help on this!


Screenshot#1:Filter By Screenshot from Transactions and Services


Screenshot#2:Filter By Screenshot from Custom chart Filter by(chart results)


Hi @Suresh K.

I think that the answer for you request will be with the Multidimensional analysis 2.0 as explained within the Blogs



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Suresh,

As Yos mentioned, this is only possible with Multidimensional Analysis charts. To access this, open the Service overview page of the service where we are collecting the request attribute. Then, on the right you have the Multidimensional analysis page. It's still a chart, but more powerful allowing for more granularity. However, you cannot add it to a dashboard; you always have to access it from the Service's page.

Best regards,


Thank you @Yos N., @Radu S.

I have tried to save the view and not able to find the saved view. Could you help me where to look for the saved views?

You should find it under the MDA section