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How to group specific user actions to create one key user action without losing the individual user action data


Currently I am working for one of our customers where they asked me the following:
"We have an application which has added new URL's which all start with '/nl/' and then the page name. We want to show the response time for all of these (new) URL's together in a graph on a dashboard."

My question: I want to group these specific URL's / user actions and then create a Key User Action to display in a graph in a dashboard. How can I group only these specific user actions, while still keeping each of these User Actions visible in the 'user action analysis'-view in the application?

I looked at various options, among others the 'user action naming rule', but that won't work as I will group all of these individual URL's into one user action and lose then the data of all of those individual user actions. 
Instead, I want to group all of these specific '/nl/' user actions and then create one key user action, while still being able to view all individual '/nl/' user actions in this application. That key user action can then be used in the graph in a dashboard. 

I also tried to filter out the relevant and required user actions in the 'user action analysis'-view in the application by filtering on page group: '/nl/'. I thought if that worked I can create a metric from there to use in the graph.
However, I do get the list of '/nl/'-user actions but also some other user actions that don't start with '/nl/' but they are present in the results because when clicking on those user actions they have a '/nl/'-page in their 'Top 3 pages'.
So that also does not work as I don't only get the '/nl/'-user actions.

Does anyone know how I can set this up? I am at a loss currently.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @MartijnA 

How about pining a user session query to your dashboard ?

For example:





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Hi Yos,

Thank you very much for your reaction and proposed solution!
I'll probably go with this solution, but I was just wondering if there was any way to group user actions by selecting specific user actions so that they can be turned into one key user action to use in a graph. If there is another way to do that I'd be interested in knowing how.
Thanks again for your response!


You can create custom user action names also, and later, mark new one as key user action.

But be sure, you do not lose granularity. I would suggest to read Page and page groups also.

Best regards 

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Hi @MartijnA 

The other way around this issue is to define a custom multidimensional analysis query and create a metric out of it.





dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

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