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How to set default dashboard for environment or users


Hello community,

i create two information dashboards for new users that log in into my Dynatrace Environment. Now, i want to set these two dashboards as "default" always, for these users.

In other words, i want to "force" these users to have a dashboard as first choise when they open my Dynatrace environment, always (in this moment, when i enter into my environment, first dashboard is the last dashboard that i saw).

There is a option that i can use?

Thanks and best regards



There is no option like this currently. The dashboard view will always show the last dashboard you had open.

There was a "home" dashbaord a user could set in earlier dynatrace versions, but currently this is feature no longer there. You could open an RFE for such a feature.

Thank you Patrick, i tried to ask.

Ei I was imagining...

...It would also be nice to force faborite dashboard to users so they can already have a dashboard pinned in the long list of exististing dashboards: are you aware if there is any api call that can do this?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi. Thanks for bringing this up.

Something similar is actually in the works and would allow you to set default dashboards per user group



There is a RFE for that and its marked as planned. Hopefully we hear something at perform about it!:


Thank you very much Chad!