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I want to create a tile in Dashboard that gives me top 10 requests by response time


I am using Dynatrace Managed. I want to create a tile in Dashboard that gives me top 10 requests by response time . It was easy to do in AppMon but I am trying to figure the way in Dynatrace Managed. Can someone who has done this help here ?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey @Srivathsan S. you can create a custom chart. Use the service requests - response time metric. It will auto sort by response time (median). Pin that to your dashboard. You'll see a chart, not a table, on your dashboard, but when you click on it, below the chart will show a table of all requests sorted by response time (median). It isn't exactly as you'd see it in App Mon, but it's the same concept - it'll show you the slowest service requests


@Kayan H.

Hey Kayan. Thanks for the inputs. I was able to do that. My Challenge now here is as below:

Under my application ,I have multiple services . And there are multiple request types under each of these services.

For Example:

Service ABC - > Request 1, Request 2 , Request 3, Request 4, Request 5

Service DEF - > Request 6 , Request 7 , Request 8 , Request 9, Request 10

and so on...

Now my goal is to create a custom chart that will let me view top 5 requests of all the requests across the services.

Dynatrace lets me create a custom chart by applying a filter at service level only . I could not extend it to the requests level.

Please let me know if you are aware of a solution

Thanks much!!

Community Team
Community Team

Choose chart from the dashboard / Go to custom chart,
Choose "preview upgraded chart"



after that 
- choose code tag
- change the number of requests in brackets => limit(10)
- click run query
- pin your custom chart to the selected dashboard




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