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Is possible to create automatic report from custom chart?


I'm working on metric's report and I would to create an automatic report based on custom chart export.

Is this operation possible? Seems that any API can reach this.

Thanks a lot in advance!




Hello Davide,

I don't think you can export a custom chart. Here are a few options that you have:

Pin the chart to a dashboard and share the dashboard with the persons that you want to view the chart. The dashboard can be viewed even without a Dynatrace login once they have the link.

Use the API to extract the metrics that you used in your chart. This does not create the chart for you it would just pull out the raw metrics which you could put in a table or spreadsheet for viewing.


David Nicholls

Thanks David, ok got it. Is possible to know the timeseriesID without get the timeseries API?

The Build-In and Plugin Metrics and there timseriesID are described in the API metric documentation.

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Dynatrace Champion

While you won't be able to automate a report on a Custom Chart, you can in fact export the chart data to CSV, XLS, or an SVG image file:

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Thanks for posting that Josh, I always forget about that option.

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