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Is there a way to display any external web page inside Dynatrace Managed dashboard?


We have multiple company departments with their own Dynatrace instances but since applications are integrated via web services, we want to get a view in a dahsboard that shows our application as well as the service we are consuming from another department (where only they have a DT Managed agent on it reporting to their DT Managed instance).

They can share a link to this "dashlet" and we should be able to consume that dashlet into our dashboard.

I have managed to get this right using markdown tile but the problem is that it opens a new tab. I want it to be showing that info in the dashlet, like an iFrame of that dashboard so I can have our application chart at the top of the dashboard and their dashlet below that in the same browser window/tab...

Is there any way to get this right?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Dirk!

With version 1.172 we'll be starting with an early access program for cross-environment dashboards, that allow you to do just that. You'd be able to configure dashboard tiles to fetch monitoring data from a remote environment. In your case, that would be to display services from that other department.

Make sure to monitor our product news blog, since the announcement blog for that EAP will be coming in a couple of weeks.

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