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Merge data of not merged services in charts


We have a set of services (more than 450) that runs in two different processes and therefore each is identified by Dynatrace as two separate services. We need to make a dashboard that shows, for example, the top of services with longer response times. When doing the chart, we filter for a service tag and it shows the services separately. The only option we know is to merge services; however, the customer does not want to lose the granularity of each of the services and as is said in the Dynatrace documentation “Once merged, the data of individual merged services can no longer be distinguished—monitoring data is then only available in aggregate for all the merged services”.

Someone knows if there is any way in which we can make the chart that combines the data of each of the two services; that is, for example, to show the top of the services without differentiating by processes (aggregated data) and not the top of the services separately?

Thanks for help.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I’ve created RFE that is accepted for such task. This will let you option to disable Service dimension on such metric.You will have values counted for all of them. So in such case you should be able to create separate tiles for summarized values of each service types. But I don’t know right now when exactly proper update will be done.


Regards, Sebastian

Hello Sebastian.

Thanks for this information.


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