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New dashboard interface doesn't switch to entity selected


Using the new GUI from a dashboard, when I put in the VM hostname in the selector it does not switch to it but comes up with a:

If the entity is not found please verify that this is a valid entity in your selected Management Zone.

I wasted time trying to figure out what had gone wrong.


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Markp2, sorry to hear that your experience with the new GUI wasn't pleasant. I've moved your post to the Dashboarding sub-forum so more people experienced in the area saw it and maybe came with advice.


Meanwhile, I've breached the topic with our development team. Hope your issue gets resolved soon!

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey @Markp2 , 


sorry to hear that. To best help, can you please elaborate a bit more on the following: 

  • When saying "the new GUI", do you mean the Data explorer?
  • Where do you put in the VM hostname? I assume into the filter input?
  • Did you take any additional steps to figure this out so far? For example, did you reach out to D1 in the chat already? 

Could you additionally maybe provide screenshots? From: 

  • If its the Data explorer, from where you enter it, and
  • Any reference page that shows more details about the entity you're looking for? 

Looking forward to your details to figure this out together! 


kind regards



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