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Problem view/dashboard showing comments indicator

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When viewing the Problems main screen I want a way to show, at a glance if any comments have been added to a problem. We have many people working on problems and we encourage users to acknowledge the problem by placing a comment in the Problem comments box.

This is good but it does mean that you have to enter into each problem to understand if it's been worked on? Any suggestions would be very welcomed.   


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Has anyone got any idea's on this one. Just looking for a way to identify that a problem has been acknowledged by a team member rather than having to check by going into the Problem each time to check the comments box. 


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

This is very interesting task. I think you need to create Custom Dashboard and Custom script. Customize what you exactly you want by you ownself. We have some similar tasks and solution below.

First - Dynatrace have problem API. With additional script you can easly get problems open problems, open problems without comments or some type as you need. 

Then push back this information for your own customized Dashboard. 

For example -We have list of tickets without answers - in our internal CRM System.

Using a custom script on a python - we take this information from internal CRM system and change the dashboard using APIs ( dashboard API ) and tile ( markdown )

 This is how it is look like:



Romanenkov Alex 


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