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RAG status for Apdex dashboard tile



I've done some trawling through the forums and been looking to see if there is a RAG status tile for Apdex ratings, particularly for Key User Actions.

There is the bland tile with the 5 ratings, Excellent - Unacceptable but looking for something with more of a POP IE a hosts Red Alert but for Apdex ratings.

If there is one already available can you please point me in the direction of it

I've attached a picture to give an idea of it. This is just for easier viewing and more of a visual alert for when Apdex ratings start to drop.

Thanks in advance



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Rodney! Thanks for your feedback, we currently don't quite have what you're looking for. We do have a quite flexible KPI tile planned for late Q3 2018, that will be able to deal with thresholds and subsequent color coding.

Community Team
Community Team

The answer to this question had been covered in another thread:

But pasting a full answer here as well: 

single value tiles => background color, thresholds for states as well as heatmaps (state over time)


image (2).png

Configure and use a heatmap visualization in Dynatrace

Configure and use a single-value visualization in Dynatrace

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