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Red in Service Health Dashlet in Dynatrace


When will a hexagon turn red in the service health dashlet in One Agent?

service health dashboard tile


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Yuting W. Services will turn red if there are errors/failures, slowdowns, increase in CPU usage, etc... All of this is analyzed and processed by Dynatrace's AI engine Davis and a problem alert is generated.


So if a service becomes unavailable, it won't appear there as red but will disappear in the graph right?

exactly correct, you can adjust this by changing that setting.


Where can I change the setting?

In order to change this setting we need to navigate back to the process group that contains this service. To do this from the service level, we will need to do the following:

Navigate to the service in question and access the process group that contains the service:

Once the process group is accessed, edit the settings:

Then set the anomaly detection to the following:


I know this settings. Thanks anyways. I meant - how do we see a red hexagon if a service is unavailable in that "Service Health" Dashlet?

If you make the changes as shown, it will detect the service as an outage and will mark it as red within your honeycomb/hexagonal tile 🙂 It can get confusing sometimes lol

-Chad my dashboard even tho i made the changes you've shown above, when a service becomes unavailable, it will disappear from the dashlet instead of turning it to red.

interesting ....



Hi, @Yuting W. Thanks for the question!

If you want to know more about dashboards, you can take part in our Shared Dashboard Challenge to get a chance to win a 30 min "Ask Me anything" session with the Technical Product Manager responsible for Dashboards - Roman Windischhofer and get all your questions answered right away! 🙂

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