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"Managament Zone" name to appear on the Dashboard when chosen from the "filter"


Hi Team,

I Am working on creating a common dashboard & just want to get the "Managament Zone" name to appear on the Dashboard when I choose it from the "filter" option,

is there any setup available to get this done?

Prabu Balaji.S


There is no such option right now. There is no tile like that. It would be nice to have option to use variables in markdown tile. Maybe in the future 🙂



Hi, @Prabu S. Thanks for the question!

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@Prabu S. Currently there is no way to show the management zone on the dashboard.... but the system is set up to show you the current Management Zone on the header that will follow you from page to page:

If you require the name to be on the dashboard then I would recommend tossing in a product Idea/RFE.



Thanks Chad/Sebastian, Better this can be added in a product Idea/RFE to get fulfilled in future...

Any idea how to get this added in a product Idea/RFE ?

Go here:

And click on right top corner: Post an idea


@Prabu S. Follow this image to post an idea 🙂


This can be found on the main page:


Looks good 🙂


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Thanks for your question! We actually plan to allow placeholders for filter options (which we plan to extend)... so you'd be able to use something like "{mz}" within a markdown tile to show the currently selected management zone.

Thanks for the update Roman, is there any tentative date for this to get implemented?