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Show a '0' in Custom Chart Tile when there is no data


A team wants to have a tile on their dashboard, showing the number of requests to a specific service where the response time exceeds 30 seconds. I have solved this by making a Calculated Service Metric with a condition: response time greater than 30 seconds, and then add a Custom Chart tile to the dashboard displaying the Calculated Service Metric.

This works fine when there within the dashboards timeframe actually are requests with response times above 30 sec, but when there are none, the tile just goes 'blank' with the message 'no data available ....'. Is there any way to get the tile to display a '0'?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I have had this same thought before as well. Some teams get confused by the message "no data available". It generates questions such as...

  • Is Dynatrace working?
  • Why is Dynatrace not seeing my systems?

The "no data available" can be interpreted many different ways I have found. A replacement of "0" may or may not help this. I could see those types of questions still being asked, however I think it would not be as often.

@Michael Vener,

I do not believe there is a method to do this currently that I am aware of. I would recommend creating an FRE for it.

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