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Tagging ideas for infrastructure & processes


I am very curious on know if there is a way to accomplish this task. We have approx. 1000 hosts with 60% of them running infrastructure mode and the rest in full stack.


We have few support groups that basically split like below

OSS ( Operating System Support - Windows, *nix, Solaris & AIX) 

AppSupport1 (Application specific support - ERP, Home grown apps, etc)

AppSupport2 (Security Product, Dynatrace Support)


Our alerts go in this fashion : DT Problems > MOM (Manager of Mangers) > ITOM

Based on the tags MOM will assign the alert to the above group and the example below



The problem we ran into is if we have a issue at process level and the tag is applied at Process Group Level all the servers that host the particular process is tagged and sent to the MOM.  If the tag as applied at the host level and process the host is also tagged with the same tag and causes an issue


Did anyone came across this situation and do you have a solution? Can you share your info and will you be able to guide me.


Thank you,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we had a similar issue. The only way to break them out was to set up your host groups to reflect your host name. Then the process groups dont extend over into other hosts running the same process. Its not the best solution but its what worked for us. 


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