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Top XX Dashboard & Monthly usage reporting/forecasting


We have business requirement for a Top XX Dashboard
So that the NOC members can periodically check on this as part of their daily/schedule check

Top XX Memory
Top XX interace by percent utilization
Top XX Volume Usage

Top XX usage by Application

Top XX usage by Pods

The management would also want a monthly report based on the data collected from Dynatrace
which consist of the current utilization of the host/application/pods level and the forecast trend or usage.

We are on Dynatrace Managed.
Unless we are missing anything I dont think anything close on the inbuild dashboard or even such reports above

Kindly advice


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You can pull up these metrics on the custom dashboard using the built-in metrics. You have, for example, the Top List tile available and from the Data Explorer you select the metric of interest.



Have a nice day!


Thats kind of daunting for a new user. How about monthly reports for the managements?

Is there a marketplace or somewhere in the community where user share their dashboard and templates?  

If yes. I would import those and play around with it instead. 

It is not complicated 🙂

Here's a link where you can find some example cockpits:

and the powerup add-on for dashboard:


Here you have information on how to enable reports from prepared dashboards:


Have a nice day!


Such cool stuff and mavellous work should be in-corporated by default into pre-can dashbaord.

Why do you still need users to take the extra step to download and import especially its a work done by you guys?

It make no sense especially if you have customers that have many red tapes to clear just to import a report!

Are we able to import the dashboard at a global level? It seems I need to import it for every environment!

You have to import it for each environment. You can do this through the API:

Have a nice day!


We are having strange issue. We are unable to upload the On-premise Application.json

We thought its permission issue so we tested with another account and hit into same error.

The same above json file we were able to import it when we are on Managed version 1.274

Strangely we were able to import "AWS Missing Permissions.json"

Therefore this take out the possibility of permission issue.

Is there any change with the latest Managed version that is blocking this?

Kindly advice

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