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Display a given range of values


Hello everyone, 


I am currently working on a visual that will display the OS service Availability.

I would like to display only the values upper than a given threshold.


I successfully did it with the Graph visual, but the display does not suit.

I would like to do the same, with a tab instead. I tried using the filter but so far no success.


Any suggestion on how to do it?


Many thanks for your help



can you show how did you managed it with graph?

Best regards

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I used the right panel and selected the beginning and ending of the y-axis. I'm sorry for illustration, I do not have the visual anymore.


Best Regards

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @hellohappyny 

I understand that you want to put the thresholds on the graph?

This is possible on the visualisations you have available on the dashboards. Unfortunately it is not possible to apply visual thresholds on build-in cockpits. You can instead set up tresholds for notifications.


Have a nice day!

Hi !

I managed to do it using the partition option in data explorer. Something like this :avg:partition("xxx", value("warning", and(ge(90), lt(96.99))))

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