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USQL- Frustrated user actions , their count by app


I have created a dashboard which allows me to see end user experience and how many users are satisfied & how many had frustrated actions


I am looking for a way to list in table format, if possible, all user actions, the count of frustrated which had frustrated experience

I tried using this usql but it is showing ALL the apps. I want to restrict it to "My_App" only and show me the count as well

select name, count(name) from useraction where apdexCategory IS "FRUSTRATED" group by name order by count(name)


USER_ACTION_Name  ,  COUNT_of_Frustrated 



So if you want a single value of all the frustrated users you can use the following string: 

SELECT COUNT( FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application="My_App" AND userExperienceScore IS "FRUSTRATED" 


Or you can use this, which give you a table view including the action name and the count of the frustrated users on that given applications as defined: SELECT, COUNT(userExperienceScore) FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application ="My_App" AND userExperienceScore="FRUSTRATED" GROUP BY


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

While the query Chad gave you correctly adds the Application filter, it is querying the User Session's Apdex (or User Experience Score).

You can use this query to pull Apdex instead, displaying the user action name, the amount of times it was FRUSTRATED for Apdex, only pulling data for FRUSTRATED visits (Frustrated User Experience Score): 
SELECT, COUNT(*) FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application ="My_App" AND useraction.apdexCategory="FRUSTRATED" AND userExperienceScore="FRUSTRATED" GROUP BY