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sum aggregation on request attribute return values



We are getting some integer values as a return value of request attribute, the goal is to present those values as a single value by aggregating them with summation and pin it to dashboard. However I am using multidimensional charts which do not allow the view to pin to dashboard but still I am happy if I get the sum as a multidimensional chart view.The ones which are highlighted needs to summed.

When I choose the sum aggregation below is the view I get and which is not intended. Please help me with the suggestions.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


When the request attribute was created was the data type that was selected either Double or Integer? If so when you select Metric in the Multidimensional analysis view you should have numeric request attribute options. By selecting the request attribute you should be able to sum by the numeric value it captures.

Hope this helps!

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