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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

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Ready to level up your coding game? Stay ahead of the curve with edition #11 of this developer's newsletter and our essential updates to fuel your development journey. We’ve got you covered with the latest releases, valuable learning resources, and noteworthy news.


What can you expect to see in this post:


🔊 News and events

Looking back to Perform 

Dive into developer advocate Penny Scully’s latest blog post, where she shares her insights from our annual product conference, Perform. As co-host for several Hands-on training (HOT) classes, Penny met developers eager to create Dynatrace apps at their company to fit very different custom use cases. Read on if you're interested in the valuable perspectives and input she gained by engaging with our customers in person.


Engage and elevate 💬

On May 15, we’ll hold our regular Dynatrace Office Hours: App development. As always, we’re happy to host you and look forward to answering the questions you face when developing Dynarace apps. We'll also give you the latest updates and releases.

Office hours playlist 🎥

Want to join one of our office hours but can't find the time? Don't worry; we record our sessions so you can watch them on YouTube! ▶️


📚 Useful resources

Inside Dynatrace Apps:
Using the App Toolkit 

Ever wondered why you use this command line when creating an app in your terminal?


Look no further because, in our new episode of the Inside Dynatrace Apps series, we cover all the foundations you need to know about the App Toolkit, including some of its main commands.

If you're new to app development with Dynatrace, this is a must-watch! and don't forget to save our Inside Dynatrace Apps playlist.


App development tutorial: Step-by-step videos 🎥

Developing apps on Dynatrace is growing rapidly and we want to make sure our learners are getting the very best out of the content we're making. We’ve recently developed a new tutorial that includes a wider selection of the features and capabilities that Dynatrace Apps offers.

Begin creating apps now with our new video tutorial! Simply visit the tutorial in the Get started section for Dynatrace apps on the Dynatrace Developer website.


💡 Release highlights for app developers

Design System: Strato Components

Catch up with the latest improvements to the design system: The changes up until the current version 0.112.2 are available in the annotated release notes.

A component that has recently been released is the HoneycombChart. Use it to display data in an organized and visually structured format to make it easier to analyze and interpret information.


Dynatrace App Toolkit: 0.116.0

In this version, we’ve moved dt-app templates to a publicly available GitHub repo and added a link to the connectivity issues troubleshooting guide.