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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

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It’s time for a new issue of your developer's newsletter and edition #6. As always, we’ll provide you with the most recent app development updates and ensure you have all monthly news and announcements in one place.


What can you expect to see in this post: 

📣 Announcements and events


Office hours are on again

Our next app development office hours will be on December 12, and we look forward to hosting you again! We'll give you the latest updates and answer questions from the audience and the community forum. We’d also like to remind you that any questions you have when developing apps are welcome in this session. Feel free to participate by actively asking questions or simply listening in.

Please sign up here if you want to join us this time.


Up for another (live) DQL deep dive?

Have you gotten all the way through the Learning Dynatrace Query Language playlist on YouTube yet? If so, we have new video content available for you. First, Sinisa Zubic walks you through two use-case examples: Summarizing trading activity by weekday and comparing metrics week-over-week. Then, Indermohan Singh shows you how to use the timeseries command to query metrics, explores how to use the append command to append data from one query to another, and teaches you how to expand a field into multiple fields with the expand command.

Furthermore, with a new name and the same great content, why not join our Office hours for DQL analytics? The next opportunity is on December 6, and your hosts will be Product Manager Peter Zahrer and Developer Advocate Sinisa Zubic. You can contribute by asking questions or listening in on expert advice. We won’t hold it against you if you fill your pockets with as much input as possible.


🆕 Release highlights for app developers


We've summarized the most important releases so you can see changes at a glance.

Design System

Strato Components

With this release, there is now a component reference available for SelectV2. Furthermore, if you’ve worked with them before, this version includes breaking changes regarding the MeterBarChart and MultiMeterBarChart components. The formatter prop replaced the unit prop.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 13.44.31.png


Strato Icons

All newly added icons are available to you in the icons library. For more details, you can also check out the changelog.

Strato Tokens


The Hover, Active, DefaultTransparent, HoverTransparent, and ActiveTransparent token values from Colors.Charts were removed. Instead, using Default is encouraged. You can follow up on this breaking change more closely in its changelog.

Dynatrace App Toolkit

As one of the latest changes to our app toolkit, CSP violations can now be displayed in the terminal.


📖 Useful resources



🛠️ Build an app in 5 mins via our Quick Start video

📚 Read our documentation in Dynatrace Developer



A word on app functions

Maybe we can save you some time by helping you decide when to use app functions. Since they do require some setup, we recommend using them only when necessary. We suggest going through the use case examples in the documentation if you’re using app functions or want to do so in the future.