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Custom APP - Cors error and 426 (Upgrade Required) error



I'm following along the "getting started" on custom apps but I get cors error from our DT environment to http://localhost:3000/ui/_intents.
I can probably get around this by diasabling web-security in chrome while developing. But I also get 426 (upgrade required) on a _intents request with ruxitagentjs as initiator.

Any ideas on how to resolve these issues?



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Henrik, 

Just to get a better understanding of your issue, please could you tell me which part of the quickstart are you experiencing this error? We don't currently have intents in the quickstart or tutorial, so we need some more information in order to try and replicate your error. 

Thanks, Penny 

Hey Penny,

It aws the "getting started" I linked to in the post, just after starting the dev server and it opens the app shell in the browser. However, this is probably due the my own setup, I use WSL while developing on my windows computer and I think the port forward from windows to WSL might be the problem. I ran it from powershell instead which works fine.



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