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API Breakdown in Dynatrace Managed


In Dynatrace AppMon there was the "API Breakdown" which made a listing based on the defined APIs regarding Exec Avg, Exec Sum, Cpu Avg, Cput Total....


Now I am looking for a similar view in Dynatrace Managed. I have also configured the "API detection rules" there under "Settings, Server-side service monitoring, API detection rules".
But now I cannot display these API detection rules as example in the "Multidimensional analysis".

For example the Metric CPU Time filtered of API detection rule:


We would like to find out, for example, how much CPU time an API configured under "API detection rule" has used. Does anyone of you have a solution here.


In the documetation the following is written:
"Custom API definitions are used to further segment the API breakdown and make it easier to quickly see which frameworks contain hotspots."


However, I can't find anywhere an approach how to perform this API Breakdown.

You can see the APIs in the Method hotspot, but unfortunately that's all. As far as I know, you can neither display the APIs on a dashboard (with Data Explorer) nor analyze the APIs directly (Multidimensional Analysis, split by Dimension API or use a Filter to a API itself).



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @urs_fischer,

the Dynatrace equivalent for the API Breakdown feature in Appmon would be the Method hotspots page. This can be found on a Serivce page under View dynamic requests (-> More) -> View method hotspots





Thanks for your reply. This helps, but in tha past with AppMon i was able to use the API-stuff described above also for Dashboards and was also able to use it for breakdowns. Would great if i could use this also in Multidimensional analysis or on Dashboards.

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