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API Filter to fetch updated and new records only


Hi Team,

We are fetching the list of Processes entities using the API, however the records in the list are 13000+ , hence API call is failing, as Dynatrace has set the limit of 4000 records only to be fetched using API. Please refer below Process API for the specific context.

To bring the record count below 4000, one way could be to get only the newly added records in last 15 mins or 24 hours etc. We tried to use RelativeTime filter but that doesn't work in this case and brings out all the records. There is one field which gives values of the Processes firstSeenTimestamp , but we don't have any filter to be applied on this field, hence we are looking for your support to fetch only updated or newly added records only.

Please suggest, how can we do that?

Thank you.


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi please check out our new Entities API v2, this API will allow you to fetch all processes:

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