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AuthenticateRequest Took a Long Time to Execute


The REST API application that we have connects to a WCF web service to get some information. Overall the performance between the two is seamless, however there are random requests that takes a long time to be completed. An example is this one.



From what I can understand here, the HandleRequest inside AuthenticateRequest (I think this is located in the Global.asax file) took 25.4 seconds to run. Why was this the case? Is this more of an IIS issue?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

are you able to check out the method hotspots? This will help us understand why there is a long execution time, was it the network, host, cpu, wait time and so on.


Hi @Chad T., I was able to identify the method that was causing the slowness using the method hotspots. Thank you for the help!

Happy to hear that! you're very welcome! Feel Free to reward points as desired 🙂


I only have 11 points but I gave all to you. 🙂

Well thank you for being so generous Josh! Every little bit counts! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!


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