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Axway Api gateway monitored with Dynatrace



someone has experience with Axway Api Gateway Monitoring with Dynatrace and/or Advice about custom configuration to be put in place ?

thank You in Advance


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Axway is deployed on java so you can create custom services to see what's is coming into it and out of it but it won't be linked as the code is proprietary.

This is why I'm working on a plugin to give general information about the instance. Watch this space.

Hi  @florent_duchate

As you said there was a plugin to give the general information for the Axway instances.  Does it include API call chain or something similar?

BTW I cannot see the plugin link, would you kindly guide how to install it?


Best Regards,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Actually we tried to at a prospect with defining custom services on Axway, however, all the classes and methods we found captured only non-application traffic in the environment. I suspect the application traffic is handled in the native part (non Java), at least for the deployment I saw.

Having Dynatrace tracing working in Axway would require significant effort and modifications to the Axway code, which is something that most customers probably won't accept as it would be unsupported from Axway.

If you are interested in the metrics only, the plugin @Florent D. mentioned would solve your case.

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Dear Both

thank you to share your experience.

@Julius L. i've to track performance of application calling Api Gateway so full E2E chain to identify future possible hotspot to support different team using gateway

@Florent D. .. watch this space ... there no link 🙂

This mean from your experience i can monitor service but not track incoming call from application ?

@Domenico_Bressi Hi Domenico!! I had experience with the product and it was not possible to make the end2end. I can see the inbound and outbound calls, but in the service flow we don't have the correlation. We even thought of putting a WebServer in front of it, receiving requests and installing the agent on that webserver, but that would be bad and not safe. This has been around 3, 4 years ago and so far Dynatrace and Awxay haven't bothered to do something native.

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