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Can I use the API to pull a list of 404 in the past x minutes?

A customer of mine wants to have a list of 404 - even better with referer list.

As far as I can see this information would be available from the service transactions.
Is there a way to create a report for those / or pull the data via API?


I don't think so. I don't want to trigger a Problem for each 404 request. I know that I can trigger problems and I will based on a certain amount of 404 during a certain time range. But this is not my question.

You can create a custom chart for "4XX" Errors with details.

For API, you can extract the same using timeseries API "com.dynatrace.builtin:service.errorcounthttp4xx"

Sample API:



If I wasn't to count all errors with timeseries API: "com.dynatrace.builtin:service.errorcounthttp4xx", I want the possibility to extract/export all 4xx and 5xx errors with detailed exceptions text and then elaborate a personalized report with the detailed exception text who more appear in the last two hours by example.

can I export all this from dynatrace API?


In dynatrace Managed or SaaS, it call: Reasons for failed requests (exceptions)
Example: / Error Code:***** Operation Code:***** Transaction Id: WW16

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