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Can we monitor NTP sync status of Unix machine, specially in AIX machine.

Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter

Need to know if we can monitor NTP sync status using Dynatrace Managed.




You could Create a script/plugin that feed that info to a metric.

Hi Dante

Thanks for your input.

I saw the documentation to create custom metrics []

But wondering how I will feed the variable output of a shell script automatically into the JSON field; so that it will automatically update the chart over time?

I mean how the variable output will be reported to the custom device endpoint automatically in every 1 or 5 min (Say I my script is executing at an interval of 1 or 5 mins and producing output which I need to push in DT)?

Any Script example to refer..? That will help a lot..!


Hey @Rahul A. sorry for the late reply.

What we did in our case is create a template for the json to upload and call a python script that retrive the info it needs and the post it to the custom device every minute. I will try to see if is possible to post our example.

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