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Dynatrace API - best practices to find patterns for data points


1)Please find the modified URL we had tried for getting data points 

Here we updated queryMode=Series and includeData=true

We are getting many data points which we need to convert and see the pattern. Could you please confirm if this is the right approach.

2)Also please let us know if aggregation of data points can be done on time intervals like hours, minutes etc(For eg: for 4 hours, can we get a split of 4 )

3)We had also a query on how to restructure the table to get id, name as a row. Currently it is displaying a ID and value, but name is not retrieved in the tabular structure.

Please let us know if you find anything on this.




Hi Varun,

regarding number 2: the APIs resolution changes dynamically in respect of your chosen interval. If you would like to be able to customize this you can support my RFE:

best regards

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