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Dynatrace entity older and new data naming are differnt.


As we checked the naming of fromRelationships of old and new data coming from dynatrace is different.

Please find below data for the same.

Old Data:


                                           "entityId": "CLOUD_APPLICATION_NAMESPACE-0C130841EAAE651E",

                                           "displayName": "nginx-podnodeselector",

                                           "firstSeenTms": 1609917938873,

                                           "lastSeenTms": 1612165266407,

                                           "fromRelationships": {

                                                          "isNamespaceOfCloudApplication": [{

                                                                        "id": "CLOUD_APPLICATION-5BE4BD91233E6BF8",

                                                                        "type": "CLOUD_APPLICATION"




                             "kind": "Entity",

                             "id": "CLOUD_APPLICATION_NAMESPACE-0C130841EAAE651E"



New Data:


            "entityId": "CLOUD_APPLICATION_NAMESPACE-04C046A766509651",

            "displayName": "tenant2-disc-salesdemo-trial",

            "firstSeenTms": 1621424431087,

            "lastSeenTms": 1621609752755,

            "fromRelationships": {

                "isNamespaceOfCa": [


                        "id": "CLOUD_APPLICATION-9BAA9BA2CDC0FE79",

                        "type": "CLOUD_APPLICATION"



                "isNamespaceOfCai": [


                        "id": "CLOUD_APPLICATION_INSTANCE-E4C01C70A227AECB",

                        "type": "CLOUD_APPLICATION_INSTANCE"






Plz check highlighted part, their naming is different.


could you please tell me why it happened?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It might just be Dynatrace updates what changed the syntax. Is it causing any problems? or just raising a question about the name?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @vigangaw ,

It looks like since v1.217 of Dynatrace SaaS, the metric export for Dynatrace Cloud Applications was added. Possibly the structure was updated to better align with other aspects of the Monitored Entities API (such as entity selector)?

In any case, the Monitored Entities API v2 is listed as generally available on API Release Notes v1.216.

Please be aware that between the state of "Early Adopter" and "General Availability", that any number of changes could have taken place - as stated on the documentation, this is usually avoided:

"Non-compatible changes are unlikely to be introduced in Early Adopter API requests, but we can't guarantee full backward compatibility of the GA version with the Early Adopter release."

Andrew M.

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