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Events API v1 or v2?


Is there an advantage to using Events API v1 versus v2?  What is the reason for the two different versions? 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

One of the key features of v2 is the option to send events to multiple entities using single POST request to the API. Also, events sending events using v2 is subject to DDU licensing.

For querying events and event types v2 is much better I think.

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Good point about DDU consumption. 


My particular use case deals more with the export of events to allow analysis across an environment.  v1 had more of a flat structure.  The get list of events in v1 would pretty much deliver all known details.  v2 appears to be a more parent-child relationship where you will need to get a list of events, then fetch the details on ones of interest.  It's looking like v2 also supplies some additional elements like the ability to tell if the event was generated during a maintenance period, which is cool.  


Appreciate the input @Julius_Loman 

Actually, after using the api explorer, I am wrong.  The get list api call actually does return details on the event.  Ok....I don't have any concerns between the two now.... 😉

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I would point out another benefit linked to the Token permission. On an environment with different clients/users with limited access, they can create their own Personal access token with the ingest from v2 scope, where the v1 DataExport scope is not present.

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