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Fetch the transaction metrics from dynatrace managed



I want to fetch the client side response- time metric of a transaction in dynatrace managed and send to splunk

Ex: Shopping Bag.

Can any one help me here how to fetch the transactions metrics data from managed.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

In your case, you need to use the metrics v2 API or the older one - timeseries API (less flexible). For the new metrics v2 API, the documentation is located here.

The client time response metric key for a service is called builtin:service.response.client.

An example curl call for fetching metrics for service with entity ID SERVICE-006A927F462E473C would be:

curl -XGET -H "Authorization: api-token $APITOKEN" "$TENANT/api/v2/metrics/series/builtin:service.response.client?scope=entity%28SERVICE-006A927F462E473C%29"

You can specify entities in more ways such as tags, names or management zones.
Additionally you might want to specify aggregation, dimensions, resolution, time range (from/to) or paging.

Documentation is pretty good, additional blog post explaining the API with more examples is here.

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