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Finding the list of metrics applicable to an Entity via Dynatrace API v2


Hello experts,

I am trying to find the list of metrics applicable to specific entity and entity type such as specific host, application, process, service. `/metrics` api gives list of all metric ids:

But How do I find only the applicable metrics only to an entity or entity types, to, say `PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE` or `PROCESS-ABCDEFGHIJ123456`.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

This is something I struggled with, too. IMO there is currently no straight forward method to achieve that. Might be a good candidate for an RFE.

As a workaround to retrieve all applicable metricId's for a certain entity type I guess one can query the full metric tree using


and then filter/extract each returned MetricDescriptor object according to the values present in the entityType array.

Hi @Enrico F. Great! I was able to extract the entity - metric. But I am not sure why I only see just 500 entries with `/api/v2/metrics?pageSize=5000&fields=entityType `.

However there are about 2000 metrics via


What am I missing?

Strange. In my case I'm getting >2000 entries when testing this on our managed instance. Maybe there are some additional restrictions for SaaS tenants on top of the already imposed request throttling but that would be unexpected.

  • Environment API 50 requests per minute.

Looks like that could be the case. This works well with Explorer but not working with Python script.

You are making just one API call hence 50 requests per minute limit doesn't count here 🙂
I'm also able to get all metric list and the count is 2019 for me

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