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How to create a maintenance window for OS service for a specific host?


How to create a maintenance window for OS service for a specific host? our OS services will be same name in all hosts so can't create unique tag for each OS service.

Hope our requirement will be fixed if there is any we can bring host name as tag on OS services.

We are facing this since OS services are separated as custom devices and don't see any soliton yet for Dynatrace.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would create a tag based off the entity selector and then supply the host name to the OS Service, which is a custom device and then use your Maintenance window to define out a set of tags for the entities you want to suppress. 


The only down side is, I don't thin that the entity selector can do dynamic placeholders, but its worth a shot. I have an RFE out for added functionality on tags, please give it a like:




We have thousands of hosts\custom devices. Hope not possible to create auto tag for each host and moreover not sure what is max limit for auto tags.

I already created few tags on custom devices with referring the tag from Host, but those tags are keep missing and working intermediately. Already a case is open for this with Dynatrace.


The ultimate solution is they need to include host name in the placeholders for custom devices or they need to revert back OS services are part of Host.


This change is really irritating and impacting our business and not sure the reason behind this idea about separating OS services as custom devices from Host. How will OS services run without a HOST?

We have a plan to decom Dynatrace and move to different monitoring tool if no solution from them as this change has been made in 1.265 and we are running 1.273 but still don't see any solution from them.

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