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Monitoring state API for process groups (/api/v2/monitoringstate)

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace 1.261 introduced new API /api/v2/monitoringstate  for querying status of monitoring for process group instances. At first sight this looks as a replacement for legacy process group API v1.

It seems this API is not yet in the documentation , @jaroslaw_orlows can you give a look?

I'd like to ask folks using the API already how can you use it on a larger scale?

I ran into two issues severly limiting usage of this API:

  • API does not support pagination and the response is limited to 500 entities. How do you use it? Querying entities indivudually is not really an effective way of API usage.
  • API does not seem to support filtering for monitoring state itself - typically I need to query processes where there an issue (like severity equals warning). There is just the healthState(UNHEALTHY) - which does not reflect the monitoring state.
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