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No objectif for host


Hello does anyone know why some host have no objectid. I try to take obectid for automatic disable monitoring and somme host haven't objectid !


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Can you elaborate more on your question? Hosts have an Entity ID which looks like HOST-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where the Xs represent an hexadecimal number. Object IDs are used in the Settings API and refer to configuration elements, like management zones, tags, alerting profiles, etc.

Basically, a host is an entity and has an entity ID and a configuration element is some kind of setting of Dynatrace and has an object ID.

Hello Victor,

yes, in fact if i take setting obect API(GET/settings/objects Lists persisted settings objects)

with Hostid on scope , you have a result


but sometime


 So on the past whe have an API for disabled monitoring, now it seems we have to use seting object API, but how can we put (PUT/settings/objects/{objectId} Updates an existing settings object)

new value, the required element is objectid !


So if I get this correctly, the first GET gives you an object ID which refers to the settings object for "automatic disable monitoring". However, if this configuration has not been modified previously, you don't get an object ID for it, it's just empty as your second example. In that case, consider that the PUT request is for modifying an existing configuration, what you need to use here is the POST request to create a new configuration, using the actual HOST ID in the scope.

So if the object ID is there, you can use PUT. If the object ID is not there for one host, you can use POST to create it an assign an object ID to that host's settings.

Thank you Victor,

I focused on this obectid and the solution was in front of me with the POST API.

Have a good day

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

All hosts monitored with OneAgent should be available to be manged thru the schema builtin:host.monitoring.

Can you provide more details of this host you are not seeing its objectid?

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl


there is a lot off hosts, it's not one host, and on different cluster. In my example, i 've 5 objectid / 24 hosts.

i've to check the diff, it seems thats the 5 host (good objectid) have no host group set.







i confirm the only difference is : the five host entity with ojectid haven't host group setting.



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