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Pull distributed trace information using Dynatrace APIs


New to Dynatrace API. Can someone point me to an example or documentation on how to pull distributed trace information using Dynatrace APIs





This isn't possible. In the future I believe the new Grail App will solve this but not until next year.


is any plans to offers API end point to export distributed trace?

Based on some conversation with support, you can create a workflow to POST distributed trace data to a custom API endpoint. So, essentially, it is a push operation to an endpoint that can receive the data. 

Has anyone created a workflow that has a visibility and full access to the distributed traces with all the properties like request attributes from the trace?

Hi @frank_hahn,
did the support give you any hints or documentation on how this works?
I have never heard of it, but would also be interested in being able to query the distributed traces via the API.

According to Dynatrace, there will be a new feature called "trace on grail" sometime this year. I do not have ETA yet. Once it is available in grail, we should be able to extract them through workflow.

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