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Rest API returns unmonitored entities


When I use Rest API applications in order to get monitored applications in my environment. The API returns me old applications whose rules I already removed. SmartScape already updated itself, not showing those applications. But why my Rest API call still return them ?

The same thing goes to another Rest API to get a list of monitored hosts. After I remove monitoring on few hosts in the Host settings page. They keep showing up in the result of list monitored hosts from Rest API: /infrastructure/hosts There are no fields identifying host monitoring status, such as monitored or unmonitored.





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Did you use the from and to timestamp selector parameters within the API? By design the API should not expose entities that are not visible within the selected timeframe. The default timeframe if you did not specified any custom timeframe within the API is 72h.

Thanks Wolfgang! With the timestamp selectors, I am able to filter them out. However, I do expect these are real time, because smartscape UI do update everything real time, but API does not. This is an inconsistence. If API can expose "unmonitored" status field in returned JSON object, that would be much better.

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